Smithfield Market
Tenants’ Association
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Smithfield Market Tenants’ Association Privacy Notice

The Smithfield Market Tenants’ Association (SMTA) is an unincorporated members’ association.  Membership is open to employers engaged in meat trading at Smithfield Market in London.

Collection, Processing and Security of Personal Data

The SMTA collects and processes data on the classes of individuals listed below.  Data is stored either in an electronic database or spreadsheet or on paper and is accessible only to employees of the SMTA and elected officers of the organisation. We are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner and undertake to notify the ICO of any security breach within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach, as well as the individuals concerned if their rights and freedoms are at a high risk of being adversely affected.

  1. Past and Present Employees

The basis for this is contractual, as we are legally obliged to process personal information in connection with employment contracts, payroll and pension matters.  Payroll is outsourced to a third party.  Information is retained for as long as it is required and then securely archived.

  1. Members of the Association

The basis for this is contractual to enable the SMTA to collect subscriptions and provide membership services.  Both contact details and financial details are held and processed for these purposes.  Information is retained for as long as it is necessary to provide the relevant services and to satisfy legal requirements.  Afterwards, it is securely archived for historic research purposes.

  1. Suppliers

The basis for this is contractual to enable the ordering of supplies, payment and account management.  Information is retained for as long as it is necessary for account management and legal obligations.

  1. General Contacts

The general contacts list is made up mainly of contact details available in the public domain of individuals associated with the Market’s landlords, The City of London.  The data is processed for the purposes of sending Christmas cards and invitations to events and the basis on which this is done is legitimate interests. Much of this data includes individuals who are included due to the offices they hold.  As such, it is frequently updated and individual names are held only as long as they are relevant office holders.

  1. Smithfield Gazette Email List

The basis for this is consent.  Individuals supply their email addresses via the www.smithfieldmarket.comwebsite for the sole purpose of receiving the Gazette.  No other data is collected.  The data is held and processed by the SMTA for this purpose alone. The data is retained as long as the individual wishes to receive the Gazette.  If an individual asks to have their email address removed from the list, it is simply deleted.

Your Rights in Respect of Your Personal Data

These are your rights in respect of your data

  1. The Right to be Informed

This privacy notice contains the relevant information.

  1. The Right of Access

You have a right to access the data we hold on you. A request to access the information can be made verbally or in writing to

The Association Executive
Smithfield Market Tenants’ Association
Management Offices Suite B
East Market Building
London Central Markets
London EC1A 9PQ

020 7248 3151  

We are obliged to respond to your request within one calendar month.

  1. The Right to Rectification

You can expect any errors in your information to be corrected – contact details and timescales are as under point 2 above.

  1. The Right to Erasure

You can request that your data be erased.  Again, the contact details and timescales are as under point 2 above.  Certain categories of data cannot be erased, for example employee data has to be held in order to pay an employee.  A membership cannot be maintained without the member’s data being held.

  1. The Right to Restrict Processing

You can request that your data not be processed. In that case the data would be stored but not used.  This will only be possible for certain categories of data.

  1. The Right to Data Portability

Given the type of data held by the SMTA, this is thought unlikely to apply.

  1. The Right to Object

Individuals have the right to object to the processing of their data in certain circumstances.  Please see contact details above.

  1. Rights in Relation to Automated Decision Making and Profiling

The SMTA does not carry out any processing of these types.


MONDAY to FRIDAY mornings from

Midnight to 7am

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

Christmas Opening 

The Market will be closed on  24, 25, 26, 30, 31 December and 1 January.

Closure of Poultry Market

As part of an agreement with our landlords, the City of London, to relocate the Market to Barking and Dagenham, the traders left the Poultry Market building at the end of August this year.  The building will become part of the new Museum of London.  Smithfield Market contimues to trade from the two remaining Victorian buildings and will continue to do so until at least 2028.

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