Smithfield Market
Tenants’ Association
020 7248 3151


Where is the market/what is the postcode?
Smithfield is located within the Square Mile of the City of London bordered on one side by Charterhouse Street and on another by Farringdon Road. For online maps and satellite navigations systems use the postcode EC1A 9PS.

It is very easy to reach by tube with both Farringdon and the Barbican stations being just a short walk away.

The full postal contact address for the Tenants’ Association is:
Smithfield Market Tenants’ Association
225 Central Markets
London EC1A 9LH
Tel: 020 7248 3151

The address for the City of London Markets Department is:
Superintendent’s Office
East Market Building
London EC1A 9PQ
Tel: 020 7332 3092

Can I park?
The Smithfield underground car park is open 24 hours a day, has 581 parking spaces including six designated electric vehicle vehicle charging bays and costs £3 per hour.  Market customers get a special rate of £1.50 between 9pm – 10am for up to 3 hours Sunday to Friday, if it is over 3 hours it is £3. The entrance is from West Smithfield.  There are parking meters in the streets around the markets.  However, Smithfield is within the Congestion Charge Zone, so a fee is charged after 7am.

Are there any parking restrictions in the car park?
There is a two metre height restriction in the car park. There are loading bays around the Market for large vans and lorries. There is also a goods lift to carry stock into the car park if required.

Is there access for the disabled to the markets?
The market is all on one level and the central Buyers’ Walk is wide and spacious. However, this is a working market and you will encounter people moving cases of meat around. You may find it easier if you have a companion with you. There are disabled parking bays on both floors of the car park.

Can the public buy?
Anyone can buy meat, poultry and provisions at Smithfield. It is open to the public by Charter: walk through the Market, look around, talk to the salesmen on the front of the stalls. You will find a wide choice and high quality produce at excellent prices.

When does the market open?
The market opens for business from 2am. Arrive before 7am to find the whole range of stalls open.

Where can I buy?
Individuals, companies and restaurateurs can buy from any of the Market Traders, and from any of their stalls. Some specialise in certain types of meat or poultry, others sell all types, while more sell pre-packed or meat- based products such as hams and sausages.

Will the stallholders cut meat for me?
Some businesses specialise in cutting to order. If you are buying for a restaurant or a business then talk to the supplier about ordering in advance. Otherwise, talk to the salesmen and see what is available.

What are the prices? 
Like any commodity, prices fluctuate with supply and demand. Talk to the salesmen and compare the best prices of the day!

Do you sell Halal or Organic meats or poultry?

Both are available in the market. Use the search function to find the traders who stock these.

Who does deliveries?
That is up to individual traders, or you can organise your own collection and delivery.

Can I buy non-meat items in the market?
Smithfield is primarily a market dealing with cut and boxed meats and poultry – however some traders deal in provisions such as olive oils and cheeses (see pages on individual Traders or the site search).

Are stalls still available for rent within the market?
Currently no stalls are available for rent. All rental enquiries should be addressed to the City of London Corporation which owns and runs the market.

Is it possible to photograph or film in the market?
Requests to photograph or film should be directed in the first instance to the Market Superintendent’s office at
The Superintendent’s office will consider the request and liaise with the Smithfield Market Tenants’ Association where appropriate before issuing a permit. Security Staff are also on site 24/7 in the offices and paroling the area should you have any questions regarding photos or filming, please ask them.

Are there any rules I need to adhere to when on the market?
There is no smoking, eating or drinking anywhere in the market. If you are collecting orders from the service corridors at the back of the shops remember that a hard hat and a white coat must be worn. Please contact us/suppliers for any questions or requirements when collecting orders. Protective clothing is not required in the central Buyers Walk.

Are there any vacancies for market workers?
Vacancies are advertised on the notice board in Grand Avenue in the centre of the market, or you could look at individual businesses’ own websites (see the Traders section for addresses).



Midnight to 7am

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.


Please click here to see this year’s Christmas Opening Hours


As a vital part of the food supply chain in the UK, Smithfield Market Traders in association with the City of London, their landlord, are committed to maintaining business as usual at the Market. Please note that access is via Grand Avenue where a queuing system is in place to ensure social distancing.

We are open as usual Monday to Friday from Midnight to 7am.


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